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What Is Your Work Break Type?

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With Thanksgiving upon us, we are grateful to have some time away from the office where we can recharge our batteries and spend some quality time with our families for a few days. A break like this always illuminates the various ways that different people enjoy using their time off, so we thought we'd take a brief look in our blog today.

For some, it's all about spending time with the family. Whether it's with kids, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, whomever - Thanksgiving break is a particularly good time to reconnect with family and catch up on everyone's year.

For others, a work break is the perfect time to go explore nature. Some explore nearby hiking trails or lakes, while others book a weekend trip to the beach or a ski lodge. Quick getaways can really energize a person and provide a much-needed change-up from the daily routine.

Still others choose to continue working through the holidays. While I don't recommend this, those who can't seem to turn off the work engine often experience creative bursts amidst the quieter, pressure-free atmosphere.

Whatever you prefer, we hope you enjoy it. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!