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The Changing Face of Board Games

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Something about being a kid, you tend to think that the present is some sort of final realization of the past and that change somehow won't come rapidly.

Take board games as just one example. It's really easy to conjure up the way old board games looked when we were kids. For games like Monopoly, our family had an "old" version as opposed to what was the modern design of the time. It had an aged feel and the materials seemed somehow different, probably sturdier.

For other games, like Clue or Trivial Pursuit, we had the modern design of the time, and in my mind, anyway, they were all set to be timeless designs. I mean, why mess with the perfect Risk box.

Well, it turns out those designs of my "present-tense" youth were just the designs of the time, and all the boxes and boards look totally different for a new generation. Just as they should.

You see, as shocking as it may be to my senses, designs do need to be updated. Board games (and businesses, too) need to change with the times or suffer the consequences of being surpassed by the competition. At Trifecta, we help businesses achieve a modern look that will be classic enough to age well over time.

That way, you can look back on your old collateral with as much fondness as I do on my old board games.