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Utilizing Responsive Web Design to Maximize Website Users

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While it may be tempting to design a different website for every viewing environment, it is not always practical or cost-effective. This explains the recent boom in responsive web design, which is a way of building websites so that they are easily viewed and navigated on different platforms and browsers.

For the client, responsive web design represents a chance to reach as many website users (and potential customers) as possible, while essentially maintaining design and functionality uniformity. This is achieved primarily through CSS, flexible grids and images, design strategy, and the handling of media queries. Technicalities aside, though, the client maximizes bang-for-buck and has a website ready to be accessed, no matter what means employed by the user.

This is important in today's technological landscape. With the prevalence of smart phone and tablet use to access the Internet, good business practice demands that websites take this into account and plan for it. This is where responsive web design takes over and solves most compatibility issues. If you´re interested in learning more about responsive web design, give us a call or drop us an email. At Trifecta, we're interested in helping clients make web decisions that age well and endure in a medium that is ever changing.