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4th Anniversary: Morris Book Shop

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When The Morris Book Shop first arrived on the scene, it was located on Southland Drive, a personal favorite area of Trifecta employees as well as Lexington in general. After all, it's the home of Good Foods Coop, Donut Days, Winchell's, Southland Bowling, music row, and many other fine local businesses. What once served as the countryside border of where town ended will soon be considered "old" Lexington by more than a few locals.

So it was with great ambivalence that we heard The Morris Book Shop was changing locations last year. While we could not begrudge them fleeing the pigeon coup they inhabited on Southland, it still signaled the sad fact that Southland Drive isn't quite ready for the total hipster revitalization we'd like to see it have. No matter. Back to Morris.

Okay, so after getting over the Southland move, it was easy to see the benefits of the new location (882 E High St). It's in Chevy Chase where more people can walk and ride their bikes safely to and from the book shop. It's also close enough to campus to attract student traffic. Plus, the space itself is grand and beautiful, decked out stylishly by Blake Eames and other talented local folks. When inside, it really makes you feel good.

So what we have here is a locally owned bookstore, committed to serving Lexingtonians in the best way possible. On the none-too-short list of Lexington businesses worthy of frequenting, The Morris Book Shop is near the top, and we highly recommend it. If you haven't been there yet (or haven't been there in far too long) check out their 4th anniversary celebration this Saturday, July 21st from 10am-7pm. Hear music by Willie Eames at 2:00pm and Oh My Me at 4:00pm. And as the beautifully created Cricket Press advertising poster indicates-"Enjoy food, fun, Ale-8-One, and 20% off everything in the store throughout the day."

For us at Trifecta, this is one more reason why we believe it's great to live in Lexington, KY!