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The Sport of Good Design and How to Gain a Competitive Edge

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We care about design. Even those who may say they don't care about design care about design. Just try messing with the UK uniforms or the Wildcat costume's face and see how many people who maintain that they "don't care about design" suddenly care a lot about design.

Although they may not actively design things themselves, everyone is certainly comfortable and attached to certain designs. Designs become familiar, reassuring over time.

Established brands have to be careful when they want to change logos or packaging of their most beloved products. Gentle massaging updates are more typical in cases like these, but that's really a great problem to have.

The first step is to get a design you really love. And if you're lucky, your customers will share your enthusiasm, as well. If you get popular enough, your design can become iconic. At Trifecta, our goal is to tackle this goal right along side of you and give you the best design possible, whether it's for print, digital, or a combination of the two.

We've been talking basketball a lot lately, and that just feels natural this time of year in Lexington, KY. It's true, though. You really can see the power of design in sports, sporting teams, and the overall way the games are presented. Now that the 'Cats have about finished another year (hopefully in the best way possible) ... let's keep the sporting theme rolling.

Because, come Monday, it's going to be time to say, "Happy baseball season, everybody!"