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Where Basketball and Beautiful Design Intersect

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There are different ways to watch college basketball tournament games. Believe it or not, some people watch it for the pageantry-the bands, the fan sections, and the human-interest side of it.

Others watch it because they're hardcore basketball fans who enjoy watching players execute plays while the other team defends. No matter how you watch, though, there is an element of design to it. (This does not go unnoticed by a design firm.)

For example, all those great plays the coaches draw up? They're all designs, which consist of spacing and the interaction of the various elements (players on the court). These must be accounted for and balanced, just like with any other design undertaking. A good design is clean, balanced, and effective.

But even if you're people watching, you take in designs at almost every turn. Each team has a logo, and every player wears a uniform. These are all designed, updated, and marketed to potential players and the fans at large. Even the band members wear uniforms, and the fans themselves wear school colors. Consequently, design patterns emerge from the stands and tell the story of who is watching and what team has the most support.

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