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Sammy Davis, Jr. Was an Awesome Musician

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Chances are you haven't watched an old clip of Sammy Davis, Jr. playing drums and vibes lately. So our Little Johnny Jewel of a gift to you today is this video we dug up on YouTube recently:


It really doesn't require commentary - just watch it and enjoy it for what it is. One of the cool things about the Internet has always been discovering and enjoying something new or otherwise difficult to obtain.

We here at the palatial Trifecta team headquarters weren't born soon enough to have enjoyed performers like Sammy Davis, Jr. in their prime, so it's nice to have an outlet where we can appreciate some great moments from yesteryear.

Picking up inspiration is key to what we do. You have to recharge constantly so that your own work doesn't begin to fall flat. Sometimes that means putting the keyboard aside and picking up the drumsticks and mallets. Viva!