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The Casual Admiring of a Mid-Century Modern House

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Mid-century modern homes attract a lot of attention these days. Here in Lexington, there aren't that many of them relative to other designs and era homes.

Typically, you´ll see one or two in areas like Glendover, Lansdowne, Stonewall, or other places that were built in the early 1960s or so.

What makes these homes so appealing after all thee years?

Well, first off, they tend to be funky looking. Many of them are long and flat, but they're not just vanilla ranches. No, no, no. The mid century home has odd angles and lots of glass to allow the much sought after natural light to perk up the interior of the home. Look at this cool bit of fun

To be sure, these homes always look their best when furnished with period pieces. The chairs and sofas are cozy and comfortable but also full of clean lines and efficient construction.

What's your favorite type of home? Is there one particular home in Lexington that you would pick over all others if you had the chance/money?