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What We're Supposed To Be Doing With Social Media

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As a business owner, are you doing what you're supposed to be doing on social media?

Truth be told, it's difficult for anyone to do it all with a straight face. To some degree, it's a game being played with search engines, and (while important) it's also silly.

See what I mean?

Hopefully the Instagram photos are compelling. With any luck, the tweets on Twitter are useful. And Facebook, well, bless Facebook's heart ... you better be prepared to pay if you want your business to be seen on Facebook. It's not a bad deal, really, but it's a little annoying for those who remember when all those status views were free in the Wild West (pre-shareholder) days.

Take the business out of it, and it's hard not to feel a bit of fatigue with the social media rat race. Surely there is something new on the horizon, something to replace what's been sucked dry by the traditional powers. Until then, we will keep tweaking the system and turning it on its head for fun.

And if you need help getting your social media presence to have that popping look or effective messaging, we can certainly achieve that for you. So don't be afraid of social media. Let us help you embrace it for what it is.