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Spending the 4th of July on the Beach

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The last time I missed the 4th of July in Lexington, I was privileged to enjoy a Brooklyn rooftop view of the Millennium edition (2000) fireworks in New York City.

I recall there being three fairly synchronized displays from my excellent vantage point, a left one, a right one, and a slightly more impressive center one. Oh, and I also remember listening to a then-new Hot Snakes record.

Anyway, fifteen years later, with a family in tow, I missed the 4th of July in Lexington once more. And while I will missed our now-traditional lunch at Sidebar and bumping into old friends as we walk the sidelines of the parade route, I can't complain about where we ended up-the beach.

This was one 4th of July experience I had never had until this year. I had seen fireworks displays at the beach, but the 4th of July holiday takes it to another level. I found my reaction to have much ambivalence.

Fireworks are big, impressive, and pretty, but the trash seems more difficult to round up and discard at the beach. Is it all just going into the ocean or what? No one wants spent fireworks in the water or cluttering up the sand, and thankfully, folks were pretty responsible about that part of it. I have no idea how the sand got cleaned up so fast.

My guess is that lesson came the hard way from years of celebrations. The setting was beautiful. I couldn't deny the atmosphere, and I can see why people make plans to be at the beach for the 4th.

So check another one off the list (and hold me a table at Sidebar for next year).