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Support Lexington: Food & Fun

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We're all busy, and sometimes by the end of the workday, it may feel like it's easier to pick up some food from the nearest big box grease stand (that brought its food into town from goodness knows where). That's why this Friday is an opportunity not to be missed at the Veggin' Out at the Pool function at the Southland Aquatic Center.

First of all, this week is set to be blazin' hot, and by Friday, you'll be ready to clear out of work right at whistle time and dip your toes into the neighborhood pool. But get this-for $10 ($5 for kids) you not only gain entrance into the pool, but you also get a meal of delicious local food prepared by the chefs from Good Foods Market & Café. The menu sports local veggie burgers, brats and hamburgers, fresh local side items, and dessert.

Pool admission for the event begins at 5pm, so don't go knocking off work at noon, you little dickens. Food will be served up from 5:30pm-7:30pm, and it's a great opportunity to splash around a bit and socialize with your neighbors.

This is fun. This is summer. This is old school-the way great-grandma used to do it, enjoying nothing but the finest local fare.