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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Outsource All Business & Technical Writing

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The first reason is quite simple: you're not a writer. That's okay. It shouldn't be a painful admission. For some reason (perhaps because we all speak and converse using English everyday) people seem to put pressure on themselves to be writers at times when hiring a professional makes more sense. And while it's true that we all can write to some degree, few of us can match the experience and skill of a seasoned technical or creative writer. Would you hire an electrician to handle electrical issues? Yes. Well, then, you get the idea. The same should be true for writing assignments, as well.

The second reason is as easy to grasp as the first: good writing takes time. And not only that, it's time the average business owner doesn't have to spare. Whether it's copy for print ads, website content or even social media marketing, the most effective versions usually come from multiple drafts and editing. Plus, those who are less experienced with the brainstorming and drafting process most likely will require more time than an experienced writer does. Combine this with the millions of other issues battling for your attention, and you can see how outsourcing your writing needs can save you valuable time and (consequently) money.

Finally, here's a third reason to hire a writer: it gives you better control over how your company's message is delivered. At first, this may seem counterintuitive, but consider the fact that a professional writer should be able to convey the nuances of your business ideas in readily understandable language to your audience. Add to that your distance from the writing, which allows you to act as the first audience and correct any problems that you might not notice as the original author, and you have saved time, avoided the personal hassle of creating all of the copy yourself, and still maintained your stamp by acting as final editor.