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Online Help for Your Holiday Retail Sales Push

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Increasing Sales and Starting Up Your Company for Success

December is off and running, and if you own a retail business (or one that benefits from holiday shopping in some way) hopefully your business is up and experiencing a sales boost to close out the calendar year.

If you are wondering about ways to maximize sales or better position your company to take advantage in 2012, take a few moments to ponder these approaches.

Take the sale straight from the Internet before the customer has a chance to explore other online retailers or competing brick and mortars. With your own online store, you control the transaction in the same instant when your online marketing has garnered consumer interest. Impulse buys are as important online as they are within your physical store. You never want to walk business because you were not prepared to accept a sale. An online store helps you avoid that, and Trifecta can help you build one. Just let us know you are interested.

Gift cards present another opportunity for marketing, sales, and pure profit. Since gift cards are physical items, that means they are seen by people (sometimes lots of people), even those who are neither the gift givers nor gift recipients. And each time your gift card is seen is another impression that your brand is not only strong but also so worthy of esteem as to be a gift to a loved one. People value your company. Plus, many people end up making purchases beyond the amount of the gift card, which translates into the equivalent of an upsale. And even the roughly 7% of gift cards that go unused obviously add to your bottom line at no cost to you.

Finally, consider issuing discounts through social media. One way to keep people following you on Twitter and Facebook is to give back some tangible value to them. Think of it as a really effective marketing opportunity because you are, in essence, preaching to the choir. These are people who are very likely to act on discounts and bring real business in the door. Show them some love!