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Staying Competitive in 2012: Going for it!

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When is the last time you really went for it? When you saw a service left unperformed and you had the passion and motivation to take up the gauntlet and perform it. Opportunities like that are like great ideas-they do not come around everyday, so it is important to recognize them and pounce on them when they do.

Even in the glamorously high profile world of professional sports, as we saw this week with a story about the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, sometimes a person can find a niche just by applying experience and savvy toward a new situation. In the referenced story, a fan obtained a social media coordinating position with the team basically by doing the job before it existed and doing it so well that the bosses took notice.

This says a lot about the power of passion. Motivated workers run circles around unmotivated ones. This is true of everyoneĆ¢EUR"following inspiration leads to success, first in the journey and then in the results. Identifying what puts the fire in your belly is one of the most important ways to increase happiness and productivity. Food for thought as you put together a resolution list for 2012.