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Instagram Two-and-a-Half Times As Good as Vine?

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Instagram vs. Vine: A Marketer's Dilemma

The short answer may be yes. While Twitter's video app Vine only takes a maximum of six seconds of video at a time, Facebook's Instagram allows for up to 15 seconds of video, which presumably opens up all kinds of doors for marketers.

After all, some advertisers have been thinking in terms of 15-second clips for ages, and while some feel constricted by Vine's six-second limit, no similar complaint should be lodged with regard to Instagram.

Just like Vine, Instagram is available for both iPhone and Android, so that covers most of the smartphone user spectrum. And as with Instagram's insanely popular photo app, you can apply filters (13 of them with the current video app) that alter the look and feel of the subject matter.

But what really gives Instagram some immediate leverage is its user base-well over a hundred million people and several years of name recognition in place. That said, it isn't stopping Vine users from going wild, posting millions of links to Twitter in some single days of activity. Already, Vine has attracted close to 15 million users.

If you're considering some mobile marketing strategies, give them both a try. There's no reason to feel limited, and there are pros and cons to both Vine and Instagram. Either way, you're reaching out with the latest technology and demonstrating your business's involvement with current communication trends. It's reassuring to the customer, and if you make good use of your limited screen time, it can help drum up some sales while enticing greater customer loyalty.