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Gold Mine on Vine?

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Are you handy and creative when it comes to short video clips? At first thought, if you're new to Vine, you might wonder what you can accomplish in six seconds of motion pictures. Well, as it turns out, quite a lot, actually.

For those who aren't familiar with Vine already, it's a mobile app (Android or iOS compatible) that allows for the shooting and uploading of video in clips as long as six seconds at a time. The uploads then go to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter (the latter being the owner of the company). And oh, yeah, the video also loops.

So what can you do in six seconds of video? That's the marketing challenge, but it does lend itself well to the pace at which real people surf the Internet and scan social media posts. The idea is to manage the six seconds as well as possible-you can even use the start/stop feature repeatedly to forge some simple flipbook animation effects.

Don't try to cover too much. Pick one point or message to convey and think about how that can be achieved quickly and creatively. Sometimes limitations bring out innovative marketing pitches. See if you have a six second message for your customers and fans.

If you do, you just might find that Vine has a place in your current business plan.

(Instagram fans-check back next week for a look at the new video feature!)