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Enjoying Life on Jefferson St in Lexington, KY

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I suppose it was fitting that we here at Trifecta moved into our new office at 149 Jefferson Street in beautiful downtown Lexington last fall without a whole lot of fanfare. We preferred to ease in, get settled, and worry about self-promotion later.

Plus, we have lots of clients who needed us to work for them!

And while (if anything) we're busier now than we were then, spring has sprung, and it's worth a moment now and again to pause and reflect on our new digs and new neighborhood. As such, it's a neighborhood we've enjoyed for quite some time now, whether we've been eating at Stella's, Wine + Market, or Grey Goose (just to name a few) or unwinding with a pint at West Sixth or a drink at Enoteca. It's a wonderful neighborhood with so many walking and biking destinations. Plus, the center of downtown is a mere few blocks away for even more fun.

Clients have really enjoyed coming down here, and that reinforces the feeling we had at the time we chose our location. It's all part of setting the tone for our design and branding projects. It's going to be cool, and we're all going to have fun making it happen.

Join us, won't you?