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Designing Websites in Lexington Is a Blast

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Every morning we feel it rumbling up underneath us: CentrePoint blasting. Usually, it happens at around 9:30 am, but it has been known to occur multiple times in the same workday. It is simultaneously surprising and expected, muffled yet felt.

The project is full of contradictions, I suppose. It was supposed to be finished four years ago, which makes it seem like it may never actually happen. That said, there are the blasts. And where there are blasts, there is (in this case, anyway) construction. And while the original demolition took out some neglected, ragged structures that once stood there, they were also pieces of history, places where original Lexington took shape and recent Lexington blew off steam.

Today, we are on the other side of Broadway from CentrePoint in a cozy little nook on Jefferson Street. Here, we design and build websites, plot and launch brands, and handle SEO, web hosting, print design, and all kinds of other digital delights.

And while we may have a touch too much cynicism to expect CentrePoint to be an exciting addition to the town, the daily blast reminds us that each day is an opportunity to merge the best of what Lexington was with the best of what Lexington can become.