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Attending the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest

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Recently, we took a stroll down Jefferson Street to check out the big craft brew fest at Heritage Hall in downtown Lexington. Sure, some tightly-styled hipster folks have a cynical attitude about large-scale indoor events, but that's not very much fun. (And it sure won't put a beer in your hand.)

So with that in mind, we went down to say hello to one of our clients (Alltech) and check out the crazy enormous beer selection they organized for the event. It was really fun. Given the craft brew explosion that has occurred in this country over the past decade, it would be impossible to gather everyone's favorites in one place, but this event got pretty darn close.

And what you may have lacked in seeing your very favorite was more than made up for with the sheer number of high quality alternatives. It was amazing how quickly you could work the room, sample ten or twelve different breweries, and receive an advanced crash course in Beerology.

Highly recommended ... if it comes around next year, make plans to attend and enjoy an afternoon and evening of refreshment. :)