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Need SEO Consultant?

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This is not an age-old question. Quite the contrary, this is a modern question brought about by changes in technology and marketing strategies. The fact is, if your website (or business website) fails to make it into Google's top search results for appropriate searches, all of the content creation and creativity that went into building your website has been frittered away needlessly.

Would you go to the trouble of producing a TV commercial and then hand it over to television networks saying, "Air this whenever you want. I don't really care when it shows up or who sees it." Uh...absurd, right?

Well, it's just as absurd to build a website while failing to market it properly. Maximizing return on your investment requires a plan prior to, during, and after having a website built. Consider search engine optimization (SEO) your post-build plan.

SEO takes care of several problems. For one, it ensures that your website is accurately represented on the Internet. Next, your consultant will conduct research on what needs to be undertaken in order to get your website seen by the most users. After that, the facts gathered through research are applied toward the various marketing channels favored by search engines like Google and Yahoo. And finally, the ongoing work that keeps your site relevant is undertaken through social media, blogs, and other channels.

At Trifecta, we're experienced and savvy when it comes to search engine optimization. We don't employ unethical tactics; instead, we aggressively implement strategies favored and recommended by the search engines themselves and those who observe the sometimes clandestine algorhythmic habits of the search engine providers.