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Getting Out of the Gate for 2012

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Tracking tech news for the new year... Which browser are you using? While IE and Firefox haven't exactly gone away, Chrome had by far the most gains in market share for 2011. If the trend continues, IE and Chrome may eventually be more like 40%-40% (rather than the 40%-27% that they are now).

Also, if you want to avoid Facebook's new timeline view, apparently IE7 is your safe haven. It comes with a price, though. Don't expect Facebook to work well presently (or any better ever again) on the aging browser. Pullin' the plug...for those who still have IE7, our advice is to upgrade if possible (or switch browsers if you cannot upgrade from Windows XP).

Apparently, Google+ is continuing to attract new users. Over 60 million people have signed up, with 15 million of those coming in the past month alone. Analysts expect growth to continue to build steam and reach well over a quarter of a billion people by the end of 2012. If we all can grow our businesses in a like manner, it'll be a 2012 to remember for sure. Facebook has been used widely by businesses to communicate with customers-expect the same (and possibly more) from Google+ and position your company now to take advantage of the business features with Google+.

If you need any help with your browser´s compatibility or social media campaigns, please let us know. We're your resource!

Special thanks today to the mashable. A jolly good job it does indeed. R.I.P., G.G.