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Apple To Release iPhone 4S

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On October 14, 2011, Apple will release its latest iPhone-the iPhone 4S. Though some may have been expecting too much from today's announcement (particularly an iPhone 5 version), Apple's new CEO Tim Cook and company unveiled a product that will run on the same A5 chip as the iPad and sports battery life expectations of eight to ten hours.

The camera is slated to be 8 megapixel, while the video component will be 1080p and have real-time image stabilization. Expect a dual-core processor with dual-core graphics that should delight the gaming community. Download speeds are reported to be roughly twice as fast as the (quickly becoming antiquated) iPhone 4. Also, expect to hear more about "Siri," a stab at merging voice-recognition software with some basic artificial intelligence features (a personal assistant within a phone, if you will).

Oh, and since it's a phone, it's worth mentioning that the call signal quality should be improved as well. Notwithstanding those who wanted the release of an iPhone 5 with radically improved specs, this should be another big hit for Apple, allowing the company to maintain its market share against Android, as the holiday gift giving season approaches.