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Importance of Search Engine Optimization

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Ensuring Your Website Gets Heard: The Importance of SEO

If a website fell in the woods, would it make a sound? Probably not. In fact, websites are built all the time and released onto the Internet without any thought given to how their audiences will find them. The administrators of these websites can hear the crickets chirping because there sure aren't any people talking about them. Not good.

Okay, so do you avoid that? Well, it all begins with search engine optimization, which is the process of improving a website's ranking in search engines without having to pay the search engines for ad space. Though most people are aware by now, it may still be news to some that the way a website is built impacts how it is ranked within search engines. In fact, it is possible to code a site so that search engine robots don't see the website at all!

If your website is a business website, you definitely don't want to be invisible. Far from it, you want the code and content to be optimized for search engine indexing purposes. Keywords must be researched, verified, placed into context and inserted the right way in the right places to maximize the perceived relevance of the website. In addition, appropriate backlink channels must be deployed to improve the inbound links pointing at the website. When other websites make note of your site, the search engines do, as well. With proper building strategy from the outset and thoughtful implementation of SEO tactics throughout a website┬┤s life, more of the targeted audience will be exposed to all that the website offers.