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Branding Your Brand Name

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Sure, you already have a business, and you thought long and hard about your brand name before finally selecting one. It stands out against the names of your competitors. It's zippy, yet self-explanatory. And it even looks good in layout and on paper. Nice work.

But is your branding work finished? More likely, it's only beginning. First, you need to identify your company's core value. What do you provide your customers?

Once you figure out exactly what it is that you do well, you need to communicate that to your customers. Make sure it is reinforced and reflected in your ad campaigns, your social media campaigns and your company's physical products (billboards, business cards, letterhead, coffee mugs-you name it!).

Next, tell the truth. Companies don't build brands by making false claims. Stick with the positive attributes you identified in the first section and build trust through delivering on them. Branching out into territory where your company doesn't shine impairs your ability to brand on aspects where you excel. Tinkering is the playground of established brands. If Wendy's wants to change their hamburger, they can do it (maybe). And if they want to sell a chicken sandwich, too, that's fine, as well. Until you're actually well-branded, however, use every opportunity to beat the drum about what you do best.

Be clear. Use an economy of words. And stay on point. Branding isn't easy, and it's a bit overused these days. There are precious few companies that execute a branding strategy to its fullest, and it takes constant and aggressive focus to achieve.