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Add a QR Code to Your Business Card

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Despite the fact that we all work in an increasingly digital medium, millions of business cards are printed each year in the United States. Why? It's simple. People still deal with one another face-to-face, and business cards are an ideal way to make a high-impact first visual impression. Moreover, they help bridge the gap between first contact and actual sales contact. Make a memorable impression with your business, and you're definitely in the discussion when it comes time to offer services.

Plus, many new contacts (representing the prospect of new business) are acquired during chance encounters. Passing a card in a restaurant or grocery is still faster and less intrusive than trying to synch up cell info on the spot. It's also a more easily accepted gesture-some people feel like they just kissed someone they don't even know when they get into exchanging cell numbers with a brand new acquaintance. And awkwardness never helps grease the wheels of good commerce.

So what has the 21st century contributed to the business card? Most noticeably, with the widespread of use of QR Codes, the modern business card is now an interactive piece of digital marketing. For the uninitiated, smart phones read these QR Codes and render websites, downloads or other relevant materials. This is definitely not your ordinary business card.

Now that you've seen the new Trifecta business cards, let us design one for you. And remember, the most effective branding campaigns maintain a consistency of design throughout the company's business collateral materials, so we're all set to handle all your additional needs from brochures to flyers and logos to billboards.