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Lexington Web Designer Talks

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Insights from Trifecta's Lead Designer, Kevin O'Dea: Web Design, Inspiration, and Matte Screens

This week, we took a moment to catch up with Trifecta's lead designer, Kevin O'Dea.

What do you think is the best thing a client can do when planning a new website? Come armed with lots of ideas because we're building for the client-not ourselves.

Over the years, have there been any website designs that particularly inspired you? Too many to count. I enjoy seeing what people around the world are doing. Going to sites like, you can check out some good work by other designers.

What makes you cringe immediately when you see it on a website? Overused flash.

What is this business about matte screened monitors? Ha. Well, mostly what I like about them is that they don't reflect the glare in the room that inhibits me from seeing the work I'm doing. But I'm not as ardent as I used to be now that I'm using a glossy display.

What was the most recent website you designed for a Lexington, KY business or entity? Ken Silvestri's commercial real estate website: He's based in Lexington, as are we.

Fresh air or a/c? Work is always better with the windows opened.

Is it true one of your cats was once featured on Tony Kornheiser's radio show? Why yes, Casper was. She used to hang out on top of my computer monitor back when, you know, they were the size of a 20" tube TV. I might be the only listener to have made Tony meow on his radio show.