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4 Ways to Market Online

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Your web presence can be anything from accidental to precisely calculated-it all depends on what you plan, how you execute, and how many resources you have to devote to it.

Most businesses know that they need a website, and that is often the first step in taking control of your online presence. With a professionally made website, you have a powerful platform from which to market your business, a place where you control the message, the design, and the manner in which users encounter information.

A second way to market online is by advertising on someone else's website. This can be done on a business-to-business basis or through tools like Google Ad Sense. Either way, the goal is to take advantage of the traffic on another website to create traffic for your own (or push out offers directly within the ad itself).

A method that is somewhat more difficult to control is the scenario where your business merits coverage by another website. Sometimes positive community involvement will cause this. In even more special cases, you have a business that is so near and dear to its community that it receives attention because of community support. If you can become admired and develop fans, you're on solid ground with your customer base.

Finally, consider your options regarding social media. What do you have that your followers would enjoy sharing? Do you have unique pictures that can generate powerful, quick responses? Whatever it is, you want it to be instantly digestible and possess broad appeal.

All of these online marketing methods have their place, and they all provide a return on investment that can help your brand and bottom line. At Trifecta, we help businesses in Lexington, KY and its surrounding areas everyday with website design, search engine optimization (SEO), print design, web hosting, and everything else related to developing a better business presence. If you need help, contact us and let us get started helping you, as well.