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Finding Your Edge and Creating Website Content

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Everyone needs an edge in business. When you find yours, use it to your advantage in as many ways as possible.

For example, some businesses really excel when it comes to customer service. If this is you, make sure that comes through in your website content and social media posts.

Do you have a system in place that limits the amount of time a customer has to wait for service? Or perhaps you have amenities available in your brick and mortar that your competitors don't offer. Think auto repair with more than just free coffee.

Back in the days of Wild West pizza delivery driving, Domino's offered free pizza if it didn't arrive in 30 minutes or less. Sure, it wasn't the safest claim, but people liked to put the win-win scenario to the test. If the driver was late, the pizza was free; if the driver was on time, hey, at least the pizza arrived fast. Either way, the customer was happy.

So if you fancy yourself as ahead of the competition when it comes to service, include it in your marketing. It's not doing you as much good as it should unless you're getting the word out and using it as a positive association with your brand.

As always, remember to include your services in your web content. But also remember to explain how you deliver service. It can go a long way in converting an on-the-fence customer who just surfed into your website.