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Why We Keep Talking About Responsive Web Design

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Mashable has gone as far as to say this is the beginning of the Post-PC Era. And in many important ways, this is no understatement. If you're tech-savvy, it comes as no surprise that PC sales are finally declining, in the wake of smartphone and tablet advancements. This evolution is occurring so fast that the coming year may see mobile take over half of the Internet access market.

The impact on website owners is clear, in that providing a user-friendly mobile website is really as important as creating one that works on standard desktops. For some, filling the gaps with app development is the way to go, and some websites are better suited than others to this solution. For a majority, however, the best next move to utilize responsive web design, which helps a website render well on many different devices and allows for a productive user experience.

So while this may seem like a difficult, transitional phase for Internet technology, there really is an accommodating solution for all platforms. Given the usefulness of responsive web design (and the assumption that what it provides is only going to be increasingly important) those currently planning an update to their website designs and those planning a website for the first time are strongly encouraged to steer impending projects along the responsive path. It's the most economical way to reach as close to 100% as possible of the browsing public in 2013 and in the near future.