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What Customers Notice that Business Owners Overlook

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It's natural. You're busy running your business, making deadlines, hitting payroll, and putting out fires across the board. Sometimes business owners just have to put their heads down and crank out the twelve-hour days, seven days a week.

But what happens when business owners keep their heads down in the trenches too long? They start to miss certain things, details that may be obvious turnoffs to potential customers. First impressions tend to melt away after a while, and as someone who couldn't be closer to the situation, the business owner may not have proper perspective on the kind of perception their aging marketing materials are conveying.

Customers contact us here at Trifecta, looking for updates to any number of marketing and branding materials, and here are some of the more common areas we have observed where businesses need help.

Logos-A dated or poorly conceived logo can really hurt first impressions. Conversely, a good logo can attract new business and make people feel good about giving you their business.

Signage-Oh, goodness. Some are dilapidated, while others are just more noise in the landscape. Post the right sign, however, and it can be iconic. See Parkette for a local example. Some folks want that restaurant to stay open for no other reason than to continue seeing the sign on New Circle Road.

Website-Especially for those business owners who may not be technically inclined, a website may be particularly out of sight, out of mind (or even nonexistent). Like it or not, though, customers expect your business to have a clean, clear website where they may at least gather preliminary information about your products and services. Plus, many customers will obtain your basic location and contact information from your website. Make sure it's a positive user experience by keeping an updated web presence.

Print Design-Business cards, brochures, and even yard signs need to look their best. These marketing and communication tools represent your company when you're not there in person. Are they as good as they could be? Do you feel comfortable that they could entice a new customer or close a deal based on design, content, and other conveyed aesthetics?

Get ahead of your competition by upgrading your branding. You don't have time to monitor your marketing materials constantly, but you do have a trustworthy resource in Trifecta available to partner with you in establishing a fresh, relevant, and inviting presence amongst your existing and potential customer bases.