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Web Design That Works (Nail the Basics)

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With technological endeavors, it's easy to get so caught up in the bells and whistles that you forget about the fundamentals. We see that a lot in website development. It's easy to imagine, however, just how wrong the entire project can go when the very basic elements aren't well executed.

Let's quickly look at some examples of common errors just to remind ourselves what we need to check before taking a new website live.

First, do the links work? Especially with newer CMS technology, links can sometimes look okay but not actually work when clicked. Sweep through the site and save yourself the embarrassment of broken links before actual users start visiting.

Next, check for spelling, capitalization, and other grammatical errors. Besides ensuring that your website has a professional look and feel, avoiding these errors will also help you communicate with your audience devoid of the distractions that these errors cause.

Finally, you might be surprised at how many broken images end up on live websites. They're unsightly and drastically undercut the website's design and overall impact.

Ultimately, if you get these basics correct, your website has a fighting chance of conveying the information and design aesthetics that you desire. It's worth the extra proofreading and surfing to make sure it's all right.