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Creative Brief in Web Design

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We often write about ways to enter the website design process in a manner that will benefit you the most. Another handy tip is to enter the process with a creative brief.

A creative brief is a tool used by both parties in the website design process to maximize efficiency, communication, and the quality of the end product. For the client, it's a great time to establish guidelines for the project. If you want certain content produced by a particular time, then make sure that it´s clear in your creative brief.

Since it's at the beginning of the project timeline, it's a great time to be heard by your website developer (hopefully Trifecta here in jolly ol' Lexington, KY). No time has been wasted, and no work has to be undone.

With the creative brief written out and explicitly stated, both parties then have timelines, goals, and the equipment necessary to go forth with the website design. As a client, you have a way to measure the process and hold the design team accountable without risking miscommunications or other time-wasting problems.

Instead, you have a tool that was built through consensus and helps foster agreement throughout the process, revealing successes along the way that reflect a project well done. And at the end of the day, that's what we all want.