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The Joys of Logo Design

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One of the things we enjoy most is logo design. Several reasons account for this, but perhaps the first of these is that it is the basis of company branding. Think about it-your business has a lot of collateral, from billboards to business cards, but what do they all have in common?

Most likely they all have your logo on them.

Websites are the same way. With an excellent logo, we can springboard easily into an excellent web design. The main inspiration is evident, as is a lot of the color palette once the logo has been established.

And while many business owners take their logo design seriously, far too many consider it only as an afterthought. And when you're building a website and someone has saddled you with someone elseĀ“s poor logo design, well, it's not very inspiring, to tell the truth.

But when the phone rings and someone has tapped us to design their logo, we know we'll be helping to lay the overall foundation for the entire design aesthetic. And like I say, that makes a project particularly engaging and rewarding.

For fun, check out this insightful video about logo design, logo sensibilities, and the process of how a logo is created.