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Good Web Hosting Is Important

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Let's back up to the beginning with this one so that we don't assume anything we shouldn't assume. Start with a simple question: What is web hosting service? In its most basic form, it is what allows your website to be accessed via the Internet. Without hosting, your website is essentially "not live."

Some people jump to conclusions when they hear that and figure it's an on/off situation, where the website is like your desk lamp-it's either on or off, right? Well, sort of. Different hosting companies provide different amounts of bandwidth. To use the light bulb analogy, this is like the power company not supplying enough power to burn your bulb at its full wattage. So, yes, both bulbs technically would be "on," but the one with more available power will be brighter. Likewise, the website that has been allocated more bandwidth will load faster, not only locally but also across the country (world).

And that's not all. Different hosting companies offer different degrees of access, file backups, and security options. At Trifecta, our hosting package includes nightly backups, active monitoring for security, and more bandwidth than a lot of the basic plans from the national providers. Plus, we offer prompt service, personal attention, and a friendly disposition-qualities many find lacking from the behemoths.

If you have questions about hosting or any other services, please let us know. We're always eager to help.