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Taking a Blogging Tip from Lexington Businesses

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You know, we have talked much recently about how excited we are at Trifecta about Lexington's recent local business boom. We're seeing them in sectors that are delightfully entertaining, like food carts, slow food, breweries, coffee roasters, etc. And as we've seen so many new businesses locate in downtown areas, we are encouraged even more that Lexington is poised to reclaim its charm, revisit its historic structures, and maybe even stop sprawling so often into the dwindling green space on the outskirts of Fayette County.

I mention this because we are inspired by Lexington businesses that are bolstering our local economy. So perhaps we can take a tip from them and apply it to our own work. Let's try a simple exercise.

First, the concept of local matters. More than ever before, Lexingtonians are taking pride in their town. Take this to heart, and you'll realize that this applies to your business, too. Can you use local suppliers? If so, that's a selling point and a way to develop loyalty amongst your customer base. Many people really are willing to pay a bit more if you can sell them on the idea that the cost hike has a community benefit.

An obvious extension of the local philosophy as a whole is to reach out to the community through your business. Get involved in local charities. You can even be a sponsor, as there are many worthy causes always short of money. Some businesses lend themselves well to hosting events based around donating portions of sales to charities, too. Even if your business isn't officially involved with certain causes, there's nothing to prevent you from supporting them through your blog and social media posts, such as on Facebook and Twitter.

No matter how you do it, the key is to embrace those around you. Your business has a presence in the community whether you put any time into shaping it or not. And the more you build relationships, the better off your business will be and the happier you will be running it.

And for those who may have missed our piece in Business Lexington, click the link and check it out.