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Straightforward Content Elevates Websites

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There have been eras of web development when this idea was clearer than others. Even some fairly savvy design firms have been suckered into the realm of using too many bells and whistles from time to time.

"Wow, em!" That's the temptation. "We may not have what the user needs, but we'll still reel 'em in with a visual assault."

True, it's still important for your site to be striking and vibrant, but that's why we at Trifecta prefer clear presentations over gaudy ones. Find what's sublime in simplicity. It's always there, and we make it our business to discover it.

And with good design invariably comes easily communicated web content. Clear, digestible writing presented through intuitively structured web pages makes for an efficient and pleasant user experience. And in the end, that's what you want for your users, particularly if the site is for a business. Buried information (or information cloaked in a distracting or confused design) inhibits communication.

So when you plan your next website, make sure you don't spend your energy on features that complicate your site. Keep the straightforward path and your site will be all the better for it. Plus, your users will thank you.