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Remember the Students in Lexington's Unique Market Place

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It's a fact lost on no one when the students return in Lexington. While certainly not all of the 30,000 students vacate the town during summer, it certainly makes a difference when fall arrives and everyone is back in the swing of school again.

Traffic picks up. Campus starts to bustle. Football season is followed by basketball season that everyone hopes stretches into April of the following year. It's a familiar routine to anyone who has made Lexington home for a number of years.

Just because you are used to the ebb and flow of our population, however, doesn't mean you should be lulled to sleep and miss the opportunity each new year brings. Not only are there thousands of first-year students who (depending on your business) need to be exposed to your brand, there are thousands more who are in new situations that may make them newly available to you as potential customers.

And while your approach will surely vary by industry, it's important to consider ways to market to the student population. It's a great way to expand your customer base and lay the foundation for repeat business long into the future.

If you need help reaching the student population, we at Trifecta can help. Give us a call, and we'll get started on positioning your brand so that it's attractive to a broad range within the marketplace.