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Align Perception with Reality

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Building Success: Delivering on Your Promises

There are no shortcuts to the top. While there are certainly differences in ways business owners market themselves and attempt to take market share, in the end, a business has to deliver the goods and services it promises, or it will ultimately fail.

It's only natural that we get confused sometimes and start to approach the whole thing backwards because we all want our businesses to succeed. We think about how we want to be perceived and how we can communicate that to our audience.

Well, of course, the first step is actually to be how you want to be perceived. That achieves 90% of your goal. Once you can factually claim that you provide excellent goods and services, it's infinitely easier to deliver that message to the public at large.

As an example, we recently had issues with our phone system here at Trifecta. We tried various methods of fixing the problem before we finally had to leave our phone provider, change our phone number, and make a fresh (better) start. Sure, it was a hassle to go through the rigmarole, but we as a business could not continue to have issues with clients contacting us. We had to tune into the reality of the problem and fix it or risk being perceived as unprofessional and lackadaisical.

How is your reality? Is your web hosting reliable? Is your brand as strong as you'd like it to be? If you have questions about this, give us a call. We can help you really nail it.