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Plan Website Features Before II

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Expanding Your Business Horizons: Leveraging Secondary Markets on Your Website

In our previous blog we alluded to the possibilities websites contain regarding secondary markets for your business. While you may not want to dedicate major areas of your website to side projects, you certainly can build secondary areas to house pages that deal with tangential content.

For example, if you would like to expand the types of services you provide, create a page on your website for it and propose it to the public. Search engines will pick up on it, and then customers will begin to inquire about it. Suddenly, your business is expanding into brand new territory.

Perhaps your business already performs a set of services that are secondary to your main business model. These are ideal services to discuss as blog posts. A blog is one of the best ways to keep website content fresh, and topics can range from the most fundamental of services to the most far-flung. The format gives you ample space to say whatever you'd like, and just as with the previous example, search engines will pick up on the page and rank you for the service described on the page.

As with anything else web-related, there are strategies for maximizing execution on this brand of marketing, and we're always happy to discuss those strategies with clients in greater detail. In fact, once the services have been identified, we can write the blogs and implement the SEO strategy for you, just another of the many ways we can help you succeed with your online business goals.