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Know What Your Website Can Do Before You Build It

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Prior to commencing with a website build, it's important to determine priorities based on possibilities. In other words, knowing the potential of a website is the first step in achieving all it can be.

Obviously, a website needs to continue (or establish) a company's overall branding. Keeping your logo and other design elements consistent helps potential clients and customers identify with a business and remember its message.

Also, a website is most definitely the sum of its content. Using halfhearted text and poorly executed photos will damage customer loyalty and prevent some new customers from advancing past a bad first impression. Spend time getting the right words together to deliver your message clearly, and don't hesitate to enlist a professional photographer to ensure the site's visuals look their best.

And finally, make sure you capitalize on a website's ability to capture secondary markets for your business. [More on this in our next blog ... stay tuned!]