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Is Your Audience Under the Influence?

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Engaging Your Audience: The Power of Involvement

High-level marketing can take many forms. One of the most intriguing to pursue is that which effectively involves the brand audience in support of the brand itself. In order to pull this off, you need a passionate base and a fun platform to facilitate the audience's involvement.

Not everyone has an exciting product or service, but those who do have an advantage. For example, if you're the owner of a hip new restaurant or brewery, you're going to have an easier time getting customers to pass along their positive experiences via social media. The bottom line is that customers enjoy sharing when they buy certain products or services. If you can position your goods to be attractive in this manner, you'll have customers handling some of your marketing for you (always a bonus).

Some of you, however, may be in a business that doesn't immediately invite social media chatter. Truth be told, this is most everyone. So in order to join in, it's important to introduce elements that translate into shares, likes, etc. Publishing compelling photos helps tremendously. So does involvement with local causes-charities, fundraisers, and neighborhood block parties all attract social sharing and can be great vehicles for increasing awareness about your company.

In short, if people are passionate about being your customer, you'll see measurable results via social media. If people are less than passionate about being your customer, you have an opportunity to show them reasons beyond the services you offer as to why they should become more passionate.

A little extra work can go a long way.