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Are You Innovating?

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How do you deliver goods or services to your customers? And what about those goods and services-could they use a little sprucing up or maybe even a complete overhaul?

In business, important questions need to be asked on a regular basis to ensure long-term growth and success. Failure to innovate (or at least stay on top of the common innovations made by other industry leaders) is a quick path to losing customers and forfeiting your proper market share.

Getting out in front of the next product wave demands certain groundwork be laid ahead of time. Engage your customers about what they want. Don't be afraid to find out what would make their experience even better. Sometimes it's a small feature and sometimes it's just a switch in how the product/service is delivered. Sometimes it's addition by subtraction by removing something unnecessary. Discovering an innovation can be a very exciting process.

Remember, it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with what you're doing currently. (This is no time to get defensive.) Rather, remember that this is what has repeated time and time again throughout our consumer history-innovation fuels growth and points the way to the future.