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Improve Your Summer Marketing Through Social Media Campaigns

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Okay, the weather is changing, and your customers are moving outside to enjoy the warmer air. This may not mean much on the surface, but it actually does impact marketing strategies.

For example, television has known all along that people tune in less during the summer. That's why reruns traditionally have aired during the warmer months, as it is understood that outdoor activities increase as weather permits. Take a tip here and augment any television advertising you may be doing with a social media campaign, particularly through the use of Facebook and Twitter.

Your business already may be utilizing social media to alert customers to new products, sales and other special offers; however, if it isn't, this is a great time to start. With the prevalence of smart phones, this is marketing that can reach customers practically anywhere.

Furthermore, this approach has great synergistic potential. At times when your business sponsors outdoor activities (like a 5k charity run, for example) you can announce your involvement to the local community, encourage attendance, and further promote the cause, all while humanizing your business in a way that enhances customer loyalty. It's a great return on investment.