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Google Rewards Content, Penalizes

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Sure, this concept is nothing new. As long as the Internet has been in existence, the main goal of search engines has been to deliver the most relevant sites at the top of search results. Users will only utilize a search engine when confident that the results match the search (and the more relevant the content, the better).

At odds with this ideal has been the practice by many of building websites that appear more useful to search engine robots than they actually are. These SEO tricks have evolved over the years, and the dance between the search engine builders and the website SEO firms has been awkward, to say the least. Google has already factored in keyword/link misuse into its overall algorithm in the past, so the assumption is their new initiative either will increase penalties on the same practices or new ways of spotting black hat (unethical) SEO practices.

So if sites that are artificially boosted through optimization are downgraded, what sites will benefit? The answer is obvious: those with the best content are the safest. What has always been the case is still true, and that is that content is king. Build your site for a good reason. Design it with crisp functionality in mind. Populate it with appropriate, original content. Market it with sensible SEO strategies.

If Google succeeds in rewarding websites built in this manner with higher placement in search results, more power to them because that will make our surfing world just that much more enjoyable and efficient. And if this kind of web presence sounds good to you, let us at Trifecta make it happen for you.