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Maximize Benefits: New Website

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Unleashing the Potential of Your Website: Key Strategies for Success

Even in 2023, many business owners still do not consider their website to be a fundamental part of their business plan. They may have a live website simply because they feel like they have to do so, but they're not really getting anything out of their online presence.

Obviously, this is a big mistake and a giant missed opportunity. Every business has much to gain from a website, and depending on your industry, your website may be your primary selling tool. But even if you think of your website as more of a digital brochure advertising your brand, you still stand to gain a lot by putting time and effort into your website.

And for businesses that are building a new website, it's very important to plan ahead in order to maximize the benefits and realize a genuine return on your investment. Let's face it ... once your website is live, your customers/clients will be able to tell immediately whether or not you're serious about your position in the marketplace.

So now that you know what's at stake, here are some simple tips on making the most of your next website build.

Lower Your Bounce Rate - First, make sure you design a website that is inviting, clear, and intuitive. When your website looks and behaves as expected by its users, it's more likely be to be explored and utilized.

Increase Traffic and Clicks Per Visit - Make sure people know about your website. As a tool, a website can only help you if it's being visited by your customers. That means you need to make sure people can find it easily and that the content it contains is relevant and useful so that people continue to use it, visiting multiple pages per visit and making multiple visits over time. This requires content that is compelling and updated.

Invest in SEO - Wondering how strangers will find your website? Invest in SEO so that your website comes up for relevant keyword searches. Users don't have to know who you are in order to find you if your website is ranking well for its appropriate keywords. Digital marketing professionals who specialize in SEO (like Trifecta) can help you with the front and back end mechanics of how to achieve this.

Content Is King - Use a blog or news section to replenish content and capture traffic related to your secondary services. The more of a perceived authority you become on a subject, the better your site will rank. You do this by creating news or blog articles that showcase your expertise in your areas of specialty. Plus, blogs and news areas are great for covering topics that aren't core services but still fall within the umbrella of your offerings. As you hopefully already know, EVERYTHING can't go in your main navigation at the top of your website; however, you do want to include as many of your skills as possible on your site. That problem is solved in the blog/news area.

Focus on Conversions - Your website is a great way to generate new leads, sales, calls, and branding awareness. If you sell a product, you can capture sales right on your website when your customer is ready to buy. If you sell services, your website can provide an engaging environment that converts casual users into actual paying customers and clients.

Increase Your Subscribers - Use your website to inform your audience about all the ways they can stay in touch with you. Whether your preferred means is via a newsletter, social media, or both, your website should quickly funnel your users into opportunities to opt into staying in touch. If you're providing compelling content, people are going to want to know about it. Make it easy for them with intuitive website features that lead to your other channels.

Believe it or not, this just scratches the surface. If you're feeling daunted or confused, don't worry-- that's why we're here at Trifecta. We understand how to create websites that really work for their owners, as well as their users. It takes a certain commitment, but it's easy when you take it one step at a time. Let us show you how. The next time you're ready to create a website, contact us here at Trifecta.