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Engage Facebook Followers

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Engaging Your Audience: Tips for Dynamic Social Media Posts

First off, don't be a drag. No one likes boring posts, and they especially don't want boring posts from businesses. Social media is a fast paced environment, and a lot of people won't give you multiple chances to impress before they discard you.

Okay, you say. How do I avoid being a drag?

The quickest way to avoid being a drag and buy some trust is to give something away to your followers. It works better if it's something that actually has value, is unique to your Facebook followers, and shows a little creativity. Even if you can only muster two out of three of those attributes, it's probably worth posting.

After that, do it again. How often you do it sort of depends on your business, but honestly, it doesn't have to be all the time. The more enticing offers, sales, and giveaways you can post, the better your chances at attracting new followers; however, infrequent posts (if they are genuinely valuable) are enough to keep the followers you have from dropping you.

And with regard to voice, we advocate a personal voice, which humanizes your business's account by allowing casual posts injected with real personality. Followers enjoy getting to associate a personality with a favorite business, and you should feel free to express opinions (as long as they're not broadly alienating ones) and post about other interesting topics related to your industry or your local community.

Walk this line and you're off to a solid start as a business living in the social media community that is Facebook.