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Hire Talent, Delegate for Success

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Well, it's March again, people. And here in Lexington, KY, there are a couple of hours here and there when we set aside our web hosting, web designing, and other web development responsibilities long enough to watch our Kentucky Wildcats play some basketball in the NCAA tournament. And one can't help but notice how the Wildcats play and how the team was assembled with excellence in mind.

These same principles should be applied to any business. Small business often originates with one person or one family, but once off the ground and chugging along, opportunities to hire new team members arise. This process determines how efficiently the business will grow, and ensuring the right fit is paramount. The business owner (or the one doing the hiring) should research the talent pool and insist on attracting the most talented person available. Research can be performed on LinkedIn, as well as through other social media. Instead of settling on someone who merely satisfies the job requirements, try to find someone who truly will excel, with the opportunity to transform the position into something even more than currently envisioned.

Hiring the right person has an additional benefit, as well. Great teamwork with everyone sharing responsibilities frees up the managers to envision growth and production rather than bogging them down with issues that should be handled by the team members themselves. When correctly delegated, business responsibilities are not only covered well by employees but they help build loyalty and job pride. All the while, pressure is removed from the top and distributed evenly.

Great people make great businesses, and keeping that in mind will help a business owner map out an enduring path of success.