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Trifecta Hosting: Bandwidth, Security

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Most people pay little attention to web hosting. In fact, if you're a busy business owner, web hosting is pretty far down the line of concerns you want to have. That's why it's imperative to make the right decision on hosting before you check it off your list. And while it's tempting to assume that all web hosting environments are roughly the same, the fact is they can be quite different.

Bandwidth: Much of your website's load speed is determined by bandwidth. The more bandwidth your server allows, the faster it is delivered to you. Did you know that many "big box" hosting providers cap your website's bandwidth? Sure, your website might load quickly in your backyard, but how about across the country? Or across the world? National web hosting providers make their money on volume, and that business model is in natural opposition to providing ample bandwidth.

Security: No matter what any web developer or web hosting provider tells you, there is a chance that your website may be hacked. If your website is hacked, what would be your plan of action to resolve it? How much would you have to pay someone to restore your website back to working order and repair the security holes the hackers exposed? Again, your time as a business owner is too valuable to spend it dealing with Internet security issues. Dealing with a local provider gives you peace of mind that someone will be there for you in time of crisis.

Backup: Imagine that you accidentally delete a vital web file on Tuesday but don't realize it until Friday. Wouldn't it be nice if you could restore your website to the state it was in on Tuesday? Of course it would. Unfortunately, many web hosting providers don't offer backup services, let alone daily backup services. At Trifecta, we value your website and take precautions against accidents so that no one loses time, effort, or intellectual property to carelessness.

Ownership: Ever try to move your website? Some providers use that moment as an opportunity to argue about proprietary issues. Suddenly, the fine print kicks in, and you're stuck either without your website or paying a hosting provider you no longer trust. We never do that. Our customers know they can trust us, and that's how we sleep at night, knowing that our business partnerships will last for the long haul.

Hosting your website with Trifecta covers all of your hosting bases. Our bandwidth is superior to most basic "big box" plans, so your website is delivered to users quickly and efficiently. We actively monitor the security of your website and keep server upgrades current to prevent hackers from taking advantage of any vulnerabilities in your website.

Our nightly backups safeguard your website, and that is probably our most reassuring web hosting feature. We back up your website every single night and keep weeks worth of versions of your site on file for easy retrieval. This gives us an edge that many hosting providers just donĀ“t provide.

So sure, lots of places offer web hosting. And that may be fine for your child's blog or your cousin's fan page. But professional websites that house the contents of businesses, governments, and large organizations require professional web hosting.

If you value your website, trust it to Trifecta.