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Here Comes Comedy Mania 2014

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Comedy Mania 2014: A Night of Laughter and Giving Back

Our friends over at The Calipari Foundation have a big event coming up on November 20, 2014 in support of foundation causes, like supporting clean water initiatives and literacy programs, as well as providing shoes for children and families across the globe.

Comedy Mania 2014 will feature comedian Bill Engvall from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Dancing with the Stars, along with actor/comedian, Sinbad, plus a bluegrass band, an illusionist, and other comedians, as well. Tickets start at a mere $35 and range upwards from there.

Obviously, the goal is to help people, and by pooling resources and proceeds, Comedy Mania is sure to have the cash registers ringing for a good cause. Big Blue Nation has often been called upon by Coach Cal to give charitably, and the results are always most impressive.

Harnessing the love of basketball in the state of Kentucky and using it to channel energy toward helping people is a wonderful endeavor. That's why we're especially proud to have created the website for The Calipari Foundation.

Please join in on the fun by either attending this event or getting involved in some other way. Check out The Calipari Foundation for more information about the organization and its mission.