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Simple Is Usually Better

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Flashiness is tempting. The toys with the big bells and whistles sure attract a lot of attention, and no one is immune to the lure of their big-bang charm.

But let's face facts: simplicity shines in the long run.

Think about design. Lots of fads come and go. New innovations cause seismic shifts in the way we approach design, particularly as it applies to web design. But classic aesthetics and clean lines usually endure for longer periods of time and help clients get the most out of each design they commission.

Is plain language better? You bet, it is. Who has the time or patience to wade through flowery language? It's one thing in the creative arts, but in the world of commerce and business, no one scores extra credit for being verbose. In fact, the user audience appreciates a website that delivers information quickly and easily.

What about the amount of heavy technology you can cram into a design? Well, again, this can be subject to both dating poorly and also wasting the user's time. If you crush someone's device with the sheer weight of your site, that user is going to leave, resent it, or at the very least be alarmed and in fear that something is wrong.

Boo on all that. Keep it simple. Use smart design, efficient prose, and reasonable, appropriate levels of technology. If you do, you're sure to get more bang for your buck in the end.